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Moyles and Tremblay Law, LLC was founded by Lisa Moyles and Mary Tremblay to serve a growing number of small to mid-sized companies who would benefit from experienced in-house counsel, but whose size does not justify full-time in-house legal counsel.

Often such companies rely on outside law firm representation for significant legal issues, but the use of such firms is limited and managed carefully due to expense.  Too often, these companies find themselves in the position of not being fully prepared to meet their legal challenges because the cost of establishing policies and setting up robust legal processes is prohibitive.

Moyles and Tremblay Law, LLC is your solution for serving the role of in-house counsel, both for general legal issues, as well as your Intellectual Property (IP) issues. We allow you access to legal advice, as if we were sitting in an office down the hall, at a reasonable price and without the commitment or expense of hiring full or even part-time employees.  In short, we are your legal team.